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Contacting me

I am Roger's younger brother. I am relying on memory, as I have little memorabilia. Since I posted a blog about Roger some years ago, I have been delighted to receive emails from former colleagues and members of his audience. Do you have memories of him to share? If so, you would be most welcome to get in touch with me at

The idea of devoting a website to Roger was prompted by the earlier blog,


Duggie Dean

When Roger and Duggie went solo, Duggie took the stage name, Jason Darnell. I have downloaded a few pictures from the website devoted to him:

More information about Duggie/Jason can be found at and




Most of the pictures on this website are from our family's collection and from Roger's good friends in Provence, The People on the Hill.

Some of the photographs are a bit scruffy because they travelled in Roger's rucksack and because I have copied them from the battered cover of the LP, 'Roger Dee Live!'.  The album was kindly given to me by Les Henry, 'Cedric' of The Three Monarchs. I am very grateful to him. Cedric was the bearded Monarch: see them at           


I would also like to acknowledge the following sources:


Charles Chaplin


Homage: 'The Great Dictator' extract,


Al Jolson


The song 'Let Me Sing And I'm Happy' was written by Irving Berlin. You can hear it at


The Happy Wanderers

Peter Lane's photo, 'Happy Wanderers' Band-Petticoat Lane-1965':


Danny Kaye

The lobby number, 'Manic Depressive Pictures' from the film, 'Up In Arms' was written by Sylvia Fine. You can see it at



Roger Dee 1 - cabaret

   'The Trisch-Trasch Polka' was by composed by Johann Strauss Jnr., 'Holiday For Strings' by David Rose, 'Top Hat' by Irving Berlin and 'The Post-Horn Gallop' by Hermann Koenig.

You can hear Roger Dee performing some of his own songs on YouTube.  They were recorded live before an invited audience in the early 1970s for his vinyl LP 'Roger Dee Live':

The Supermarket, Love Thy Neighbour

Victor the Vampire, Why She Moved Away

Outing of the Year, Ancestral Gents


Roger Dee 2 - challenging convention

QE2 photo :

A family trait

There is a website of my short stories at The story, 'A Good Fist' , draws to some extent on an incident in our father's life. You will glimpse an approach to life and to class struggle common to Roger and his father, Joe.


David Deacon     April, 2012; February, 2014


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